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Everyone needs to secure their wealth, finances, and family from the innumerable uncertainties that life poses. Mounting pressure, changing lifestyles, and soaring expenses only increase the need for wealth management services. The Muthoot Group has tied up with some leading Insurance Companies in India to create plans best suited for current markets. All such related activities are handled by Muthoot Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd, the Insurance Broking arm of The Muthoot Group. We are licensed by IRDAI to deal all direct Insurance Products in Life & Non Life products such as:-


Life Insurance: Life insurance is not a recent concept. However, it has been in the limelight over the past few decades because of the growing uncertainties surrounding life. Life insurance products help you financially secure your dear ones in case you were no longer alive. Our plans help you secure your retirement income, your children’s education or marriage, and long-term commitments along with the financial support, in your absence.


Traditional Plan: Having evaluated the specific needs of individual customers, we assist them with Term Plans, Endowment Plans, Children’s Plans, or Pension Plans. All these plans fall under the category of “traditional plans” since the purpose is to provide guaranteed savings in addition to life coverage.


New Generation Plans: Innovation is essential for survival. Keeping in line with the changing times and the changing attitudes of the youth, we have developed new Insurance products. Some features of the promising new generation products include shorter premium paying liability, guarantee on returns as well as premium invested, and freedom to choose life coverage or not, along with the basic features of life insurance products.


Retirement Plans: A large number of employees working for PSUs, Public Sector Companies, and Private companies devout their lives’ efforts for the welfare of their employers, yet when it’s time to retire, they part without a pension. Pension Plans are designed to provide a secure and regular source of income for working individuals so that when one decides to hang up the ties and suitcase, there is still some money to fall back on. That is why our Wealth Management Service also offers retirement solutions for everyone with special features.


Health Insurance: The changing times and environments demand changes in health insurance plans and policies as well. We cannot ignore the rising cost of medical services that can eat up a considerable volume of our savings. Our health insurance plans help minimize the possibilities of financial liabilities arising due to unexpected expenditure on illnesses. We provide different types of health insurance plans based on the different levels of the covers required along with quality and timely service. We also provide different health insurance plans suitable for the different customer segments, including an exclusive plan designed for Senior Citizens.

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Please Note : All our life insurance products provide tax benefits as under section 80C/80CCC and sec 10(10) D and health insurance provide tax benefit as per sec 80 D benefits.

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IRDAI Registration No.: 459

Direct Broker- Life & Non Life

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